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Biocote vertical blinds

Biocote vertical blinds

The Vertika Biocote product range should be used typically, where high frequency traffic exists or areas where special requirements have to be catered for, i.e. hospitals, food handling or where there is a potential for cross contamination by harmful bacteria.

Vertika Biocote have utilitsed the properties of silver, producing an anti-microbial ingredient which when added to our fabric ranges and hardware, inhibits the growth of a wide range of micro-organisms such as MRSA and E-Coli.

The safe natural inorganic silver components used in Biocote have been proven to work throughout history, with no evidence of resistance to date.

Argento, Bioflex and LUNA range of fabrics have all been designed to answer specific demands of the commercial and public marketplace. All are produced from 100% polyester yarns and are supplied in a range of colours. All three ranges are BioCoteŽ protected and have the additional benefits of meeting fire retardant specifications.

 A modern range of translucent, more decorative blind fabrics, perfect for allowing light through. Ideal for environments such as schools and offices.

This range has a moisture and solar resistant coating and is, therefore, suitable for moist conditions e.g bathrooms, washrooms etc

A new range, specifically designed with the medical industry in mind, with a complete black-out fabric, that is easy to clean, with a wipeable fabric face and Scotchguard protection, making it water/stain repellent. 

To ensure comprehensive protection, the Impala Vertical Track System with operating wand eliminates the use of cords, weights and chains to prevent cross-contamination of infection. Hold the wand and draw the louvers to the side, twist the wand and tilt the louvers to the desired position for perfect shading.

n.b. It is essential that the Vertika Biocote products are used in conjunction with good hygiene practices such as increased surveillance, greater education and frequent hand washing. Biocote offers a secondary level of protection against cross contamination.

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