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Curtains are used in most houses for different purposes. Whether they are used to cover a window area or can just simply decorate the room with them, as they are available in many different styles, colours and lengths of curtains. These can usually be made specifically for the windows specification and measurement; also the design is typically incorporated with the décor of the room. If curtains are open, they let the sunshine in if they are closed, they are used for privacy.

At Just Fabrics we have a large selection of curtains for home or commercial use. Our drapes come in a variety of styles to suit you; blends of patterns, colours, textures and shapes are to choose from. For your comfort also we have a selection of curtains according to how much sunlight you would like to receive when the drapes are closed, such as lined, unlined and blackout curtains. All of our drapes at Just Fabrics are completed to the highest of standard, as they are hand finished by professionals. To ensure health and safety of our products to offer you peace of mind all the materials we produce our curtains from, are flame retarded to the relative standards. Just Fabrics are a trusted company as they have been trading for over 20 years, successfully selling manufactured drapes and blinds to companies and homes nationwide. Other than homes, here at Just Fabrics we have had years of manufacturing drapes for offices hospitals, prisons, mental health, homes for the elderly, hotels and sports facilities. Here at Just Fabrics we definitely relieve the stress of you when buying drapes, giving commercial buildings and your homes the expert finishing touches when still being sensitive of the finish you desire.

If you would like to make an enquiry about our Curtains or place an order on our products today then do not hesitant to telephone us on 01527 63246 or fax us on 01527 63247. Alternative contact us via email on info@just-fabrics.co.uk. We aim to reply to all of our enquiries as quickly as possible, to discuss your comments and queries. At Just Fabrics we pride ourselves in our fast delivery service so you get drapes or blinds as quick as possible.

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